GEOS TECHNOLOGY CENTER (GTC) is oriented towards improved and innovative technologies, processes and products. We perform research studies on drilling fluid systems, products, solids control and waste minimization and develop solutions to meet our clients’ need, to cut their overall drilling and waste costs, to reduce non-productive time.

GEOS have Design and R&D projects followed by two sub-divisions:

GEOS Design Center (GDC)

GEOS established its Design Center which is recognized and certified by Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkish Republic. GDC is one of the four Design Centers serving in the energy industry of Turkey. With our design center and its experienced staff, we are designing fluid formulations for specific projects, drilling locations for waste management and innovative HSE solutions for our clients and the drilling industry. GDC works closely with the Operations Team, Suppliers and Clients to make sure all parties are aligned for finding the best possible solutions for the specific problems.

GDC is established with the main goals listed below

  • Designing fluid systems, formulations and software solutions for unconventional drilling projects
  • Designing fluid systems, formulations and software solutions for HPHT and Deepwater specific problems.
  • Designing fluid systems and solutions for the drilling problems in Geothermal projects
  • Designing innovative solutions for reducing or completely solving the environmental problems arising from drilling wastes
  • Designing methods and solutions to improve health and safety of our employees and others who involved in our operations

Research and Development (R&D)

GEOS is not only concerned with providing solutions to the operators just to reach target depth, we are also providing the new technology fluids and solids control processes to maximize production from the reservoirs. With this purpose, we develop some of our R&D projects together with The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).

Recent R&D Projects resulted in solutions applied very successfully for:

  • Drilling through Serpentine formation with STIFF-DRILL D Fluids System
  • Nearly 100% core recovery with SALT-DRILL Fluids System
  • Sealing lost zones with tailored LCM pills
  • Reducing drilling wastes up to 70% by using engineered Waste Management System
  • Cage & Fix Preventive LCM and Wellbore Strengthening Solutions