We know QHSE is the key to the success and sustainability of our operations. That is why we constantly seek to improve our internal QHSE procedures and standards.

The health and safety of people and environment is our top priority. We are committed to minimizing safety risks and making sure that all possible measures are in place to protect the health and safety of our employees and who are associated with our operations.

We focus on training of our employees to ensure operations are always carried out safely, and to the international standards.

Safety Culture & Goal Zero

We are constantly building the Safety Culture in our organization – this is an endless journey for us. We are aiming to create and sustain the environment for our employee’s safety attitudes to develop and persist. We continuously seek for initiatives to strengthen our safety culture.

At GEOS we expect 100% compliance with the safety rules and regulations. With our Goal Zero strategy, we are aiming to operate without accidents or incidents despite the difficult conditions we face every day.


GEOS has developed a reporting system for its employees to report risks, hazardous situations and unsafe acts. Forms are available to the employees and encourage reporting on how GEOS should improve its QHSE practices. Our HSE advisors record, monitor and analyze the reports to determine the actions for correcting or improving the internal procedures.

Inspections and audits are conducted regularly and objectively to make sure all of our operations are conducted in a safe manner. Any unsafe act or situation is reported with corrective actions in order to achieve our QHSE objectives.

GEOS QHSE Objectives

At GEOS we use performance monitoring system (KPI Scorecard) with yearly QHSE goals for each employee in the organization. We are committed to continuously improve our QHSE system by measuring, reporting and benchmarking the performance.

GEOS have three core QHSE goals:

  • Zero QHSE incidents
  • Improving safety culture everywhere we operate
  • Ensuring 100% compliance with all applicable regulations