We are providing laboratory services to support our clients in their oil, gas and geothermal E&P operations. Our lab services bring expertise to our customers’ projects in order to solve drilling and completion problems. Through utilization of our central and wellsite lab facilities, we design customized fluid systems and offer solutions for challenging drilling problems.

GEOS have full-service laboratory for research and development studies, drilling fluids design and product quality assurance. In addition to standard drilling fluids laboratory test equipment, a variety of specialized equipment is also available in our central laboratory to address a wide range of operational issues related to well construction, completion, and production.

Drilling and Completion Fluid Testing

We perform standard mud checks according to API RP 13-B1, API RP 13-B2 recommended practices. Together with standard tests, below listed analysis are performed in our central lab.

Analysis Equipment / Method
API Water-Based Mud Check WBM Test Kit
API Oil-Based Mud Check OBM Test Kit
Filtration API and HPHT Filter Press Equipment
API Rheology Fann 35A Viscometer
Mud Weight Pressurized Mud Balance
Low Shear Rate Rheology Brookfield Viscometer
CO2/Sulfide Determination Garrett Gas Train & Sulfide Determination Kit
Glycol Content Determination Retort Kit & Refractometer
Particle Size Distribution Sieve Test and PSD Analizer
Permeability Plugging Test (PPT) PPA – Permeability Plugging Apparatus
PHPA Concentration PHPA Test Kit
Oil, Water and Solids Content 10 ml & 50 ml Retort Kits
Solubility in Acid Test Acid Test Kit
NTU Determination Turbidimeter
Barite Sag Analyisis Barite Sag Kit
Lubricity Determination Lubricity Meter
Cloud Point Determination Cloud Point Test Kit
Aging Roller Oven for Hot Rolling
Wet Sieve Analysis Sieves
Chemical Analysis WBM and OBM Chemical Analyisis Kit
Potassium Ion Determination Centrifuge and Strip Methods
Gel Time Determination Turbidimeter & Vortex Closure Test
Moisture Content Moisture Analyzer
Water Activity Hygrometer
Brine Density Hygrometer
Quality Assurance

We perform quality control analysis on mud additives to make sure that our customers receive the high quality products to ensure successful field operations

Mud Additives Equipment / Method
Barite API Spec 13A / ISO 13500
Bentonite API Spec 13A / ISO 13500
Non-treated Bentonite API Spec 13A / ISO 13500
OCMA Bentonite API Spec 13A / ISO 13500
CMC LV API Spec 13A / ISO 13500
CMC HV API Spec 13A / ISO 13500
PAC LV API Spec 13A / ISO 13500 & GEOS Quality Assurance Procedures
PAC HV API Spec 13A / ISO 13500 & GEOS Quality Assurance Procedures
Starch API Spec 13A / ISO 13500
Xanthan Gum API Spec 13A / ISO 13500
Lignosulfonate GEOS Quality Assurance Procedures
Lubricant GEOS Quality Assurance Procedures
Commodity Products GEOS Quality Assurance Procedures
Proprietary Products GEOS Quality Assurance Procedures
Shale-Fluid Interaction Analysis

Shale-Fluid Interaction Analysis is performed in order to design fluid formulations for challenging shale formations to be drilled.

Analysis Equipment / Method
Shale Recovery (Dispersion) Hot Rolling Dispersion Test Method to determine inhibition level of fluids by measuring recovery of sized clays after aging at certain conditions

Rolling Bar Accretion Test Method to determine accretion tendency of clay samples
Capillary Suction Time (CST) CST Tester to determine retained water by shale/brine slurries
Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) CEC Test Kit to measure shale activity level
Lost Circulation and Bridging Studies

We perform LCM (Lost Circulation Material) Bridging Effectiveness Analysis to optimize our solutions for particular projects where wellbore strengthening and/or LCM strategy is required.

Analysis Equipment / Method
Particle Size Distribution Sieve Analysis to determine d10, d50, d90 of LCM products
Permeability Plugging Permeability Plugging Apparatus (PPA) to determine the ability of LCM to plug ceramic discs with certain permeability
PPA and Slot Test Kit to determine the ability of LCM to plug metal slots with certain fracture size
in Acid
Acid Test Kit to determine the level of solubility of LCM in different acid solutions