We are designing our drilling fluid systems to meet the specific challenges of each project. Drilling Fluids segment works closely with our Technology Center to design drilling fluid systems based on project-specific technical needs. Risk analysis are performed for each challenging project to provide cost-effective and best possible solutions.

We are optimizing fluid systems taking into account whole project goals for reducing NPT, waste volumes, transportation costs and leaving wellbore ready for maximum production. We provide water-based, oil-based and synthetic-based systems and associated ranges of specific additives to address various downhole challenges.

Water Based Drilling Fluids

Conventional Drilling Fluids

GEOS offers conventional drilling fluids for drilling top hole, thick evaporate/anhydrite sections, loose sands, salt domes and thick salt beds.

  • Spud Mud
  • Lignosulfonate Mud
  • Lime Mud
  • Gypsum Mud
  • Salt Mud
  • Super Saturated Salt Mud
  • Low-Solids Non-Dispersed Mud
High Performance Drilling Fluids

Our high-performance water-based drilling fluids are specifically designed to overcome drilling problems and to enhance the total drilling performance.

  • STAB-DRILL - Glycol System
  • SILIC-DRILL - Silicate System
  • SPAN-DRILL - MMO System
  • STIFF-DRILL - Stress Cage System
  • HIB-DRILL - Polyamine System
HPHT Drilling Fluids

GEOS offers environmentally acceptable, water-based fluid systems for deep High Pressure & High Temperature (HPHT) and geothermal wells, where conventional drilling fluids are unusable or inefficient.

  • HOT-DRILL (<250 ℃)
  • TEMP-DRILL (>250 ℃)
  • POLY-THERM (>250 ℃)
Reservoir Drill-in Fluids

GEOS reservoir drill-In fluids are specially designed to protect the pay zone, simplify clean-up process, and maximize productivity while meeting drilling and environmental requirements.

  • PAY-DRILL - High LSRV System
  • FOAM-DRILL - Foam System
  • GLASS-DRILL - Hollow Glass Spheres System
  • FLEX-DRILL - Aphron Based System

Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluids

GEOS non-aqueous drilling fluids are tight invert emulsions in which brine droplets are dispersed within the oil or synthetic based external phase. Non-aqueous drilling fluids overcome many drilling problems and to enhance the total drilling performance.

  • OIL-DRILL - Diesel or Mineral Oil based Invert Emulsion System
  • OIL-DRILL HT - Diesel or Mineral Oil based OBM with High Temp Stability
  • SYN-DRILL - Synthetic oil based Invert Emulsion System
  • SYN-DRILL HT - Synthetic oil based SBM with High Temp Stability