SLIDE EB is a highly effective and environmentally acceptable ester-base lubricant used in most waterbase drilling fluids.
- Lowers torque and drag and prevents differential sticking by decreasing the coefficient of friction of most water-base drilling fluids in high angle, horizontal drilling situations.
- Readily biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally acceptable. This feature of SLIDE EB makes it compatible for off-shore operations.

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SLIDE G is high performance graphite, specially sized and formulated lubricant for drilling fluids. It is also use to control loss circulation of drilling fluids. It can be used in water-base, oil-base or syntheticbase mud systems.
- Additive is completely inert and does not affect rheological properties. It reduces torque and drag by increasing the lubricity and lowers the spurt.
Seals effectively micro-fractures, porous and low pressure zones.

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SLIDE L is a high quality, highly active, environmental friendly based on modified vegetable oil used as a lubricant and surfactants. SLIDE L can be used in all types of water based muds.
- Reduces torque and drag problems and prevents differential sticking by promoting the antifriction characteristics of a drilling fluid in high angle, horizontal drilling situations.
- Reduces the potential for bit and BHA balling.
- Contributes significantly to HTHP fluid loss control.

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