We utilize a comprehensive drilling fluid reporting software to track fluid properties, volumes, product inventory and cost analysis to provide our clients with a complete daily report.

HYDPRO is a comprehensive drilling hydraulics model that covers all aspects of hydraulics, including downhole circulating pressures, surge and swab, ECD, bit optimization, hole cleaning, and volumetric displacements. With these features, downhole drilling hydraulic conditions can be fully examined and any potential problems can be identified prior to field execution.

SurgeMOD is a surge and swab hydraulics model for drilling and completion operations. It analyzes the complex downhole hydraulics when running casing or making a trip for various pipe ending conditions and circulation sub tools. SurgeMOD not only predicts the surge and swab pressures for a given running speed, but also calculates optimal trip speeds at different depths and the maximum allowable circulation rate after the casing or liner is set.

BridgePRO is a bridging agent size selection software that aids in determining the optimum calcium carbonate blend to achieve maximum bridging of sand-stone reservoirs. The software optimization is based on specific formation characteristics and the particle-size distribution of available grades of calcium carbonates.

CTEMP predicts wellbore circulating temperature for drilling/circulating operations. CTEMP addresses the transient heat transfer between wellbore and sea water/rock formation. Its interactive on-screen graphic results provide operation guidelines for expensive HPHT drilling operations.